Hands-on Review: Small PC Remote Control with Mouse Function

Hands on Review Small PC Remote Control with Mouse Function (7)

I’ve been curious about computer remote controls for a while because I’ve seen these as the best solution for controlling the media player software while in bed. I enjoy watching rented movies on my computer and I’m one of those people who need to focus on the action from start to end in order to get all the feelings that a movie sends. Still, many times we need to go to the bathroom, make some popcorn, or drink some water during the movie. When that happens, we have to pause the video, while other times, we want to adjust the volume so we won’t disturb others in the home. One of my issues is that sometimes I have things on my mind and can’t concentrate on the movie so I need to play the missed part again. For all of these cases which require us to get up, turn the monitor to one side and use the mouse to pause the player, let me suggest you to get a PC remote control like the one I’m reviewing today. It saves a lot of time without getting you out of the mood. Continue reading