Elecom Wireless Mouse With Gesture Control

Elecom Wireless Mouse With Gesture Control

Elecom announced a new high-end wireless mouse for the Japanese market, the M-TC01DB coming in black or red. What’s special about this mouse is its gesture-tracking surface, meaning the entire upper surface of the wireless mouse interprets your fingers’ movements as click, double-click, zoom in and out, scrolling, left click and right click, etc.

Also, the ambidextrous mouse is described on the Japanese website of Elecom as being compatible with Windows 8 and the operating system’ support for the gadget’s high-end technologies. Specs include 2.4GHz frequency and accurate surface tracking on carpet, glass and over magnetic materials.

Elecom Wireless Mouse With Gesture Control

The tiny wireless receiver that connects to your computer’s USB port can be stored inside the mouse when not in use.

Elecom’s gesture mouse will be available for around $100.

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